Astrophysics Data Centers Executive Council (ADEC)

The mandate of the ADEC is to coordinate the overall activities of the Astrophysics Data and Information Services (ADIS), to discuss and set standards for the overall system, prioritize new activities and maximize the efficiency of the system by sharing resources where appropriate and avoiding duplication of effort. The ADEC consists of a senior representative from each data or service center (ADS, HEASARC, IRSA, LAMBDA, MAST, NED, NSSDC/ADF/ADC) a senior representative from each of the largest active mission operations centers (CXC, GLAST, Spitzer Science Center, STScI/HST), and the cognizant OSS Program Executive (ex officio). The ADEC is led by a chairperson elected from among the representatives, with a one-year term of office. The chair acts as the coordinator and consensus builder and as an advocate for the ADIS within the community. Program support and management (meeting logistics, ADIS web site, integrated project status reports, etc.) is provided on a rotating basis (12 month terms) by the primary data centers. A NASA HQ appointed external science archive working group (SAWG) provides guidance on program priorities and feedback on quality of services, identifying areas where improvements were needed.

Priorities are discussed and agreed by unanimous agreement between the institutions funded under the ADIS umbrella (ADS, HEASARC, IRSA, LAMBDA, MAST, NED and NSSDC/ADF/ADC). However, each data center independently addresses funding issues with NASA. Decisions on operational issues such as standards also require consensus in the entire ADEC. International representative(s) are ex-officio members of the ADEC and initially includes the Director of CDS. The NASA program executives are also ex-officio members of the ADEC.

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